Tuesday, 26 October 2010

How does Calvin Klein represent Males in adverts?

Calvin Klein in the above advert represents males in a way that we would not usually assume. The model in this photo does not follow the typical stereotype of a man which would be strong and in control. Instead the model has been placed into a pose which portraits him to look vulnerable and lost. The reason for this is his arms are loosely draped down the side of his body and they are also looking 'limp'.

I think that the advertisement itself is aimed at both women and men. The reason for this being aimed at the male population would be mainly his posture and the way that his body is structured. His body is generally well toned, but not so much that it is unachievable for a man to reach. The main focus and attention of the advert appears to be on the top half of his body rather than the lower half. Even the label is based nearer the top of the photo. There is no emphasis around the groin area where the actual product is being advertised and this is because it avoids any intimidation that men might feel if it was overly emphasised. The image itself is generally simple, and this is relates to the typical stereotype of man being plain and not overly exciting.

The picture is also represented in a way that a woman would be pleased to look at. For example he is presented with well groomed hair that most women would agree is nice. It has a sophisticated look about it which definitely is also another reason for appeal. The logo which has been added to the photo by Calvin Klein is positioned for the womans benefit. It catches the eye which then gets drawn in to look at the models body. Something else to notice about the advertisment itself that the logo has been place overlapping the model rather than to the side or underneath. This once again links to the thoughts of him being vunerable and not in control. It seems as if the logo is dominating him, which may have a connection with the thoughts that the advert would like women to generate.

Linking this to the female Calvin Klein advert it seems as if the two genders have switched roles. What i mean by this is that the female's pose has much more attitude and actually appears quite masculine. Whereas the photo above has elements of which we expect to see in the female advertisement. The reason for this may be that each advert wants to appeal to both genders rather than just the one for the sexual appeal. This is done by using models that are ideal aspirations, but using features that also attract the same sex to have postive opinions about the advert. So overall i do think that that models are objectified but only in some ways intended to come across sexually impowered.

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  1. Excellent work Abbi. You select the key elements of the advertisement and have a clear line of argument.