Thursday, 18 November 2010

How is sexuality represented in the Skins clip?

During the 10 second clip we learn a lot about the Skins character Tony. The clip has no dialect and is based around sound which influences thoughts and feelings. The clip begins with an extreme close up on the characters eyes which then the camera slowly begins to zoom out. At this point we are able to hear church bells in the background. The asynchronous sound is what appears to wake the character.The church bells automatically represent that the day is Sunday and that it's likely a British Sunday service taking place. This is a clear cultural code which would be recognised by all British civilians.On the other hand this could also be interpreted as the enigma code due to the audience asking questions such as why is he awake so early on Sunday morning? This would be questioned due to the fact teenagers are portrayed stay out very late on a Saturday night which would then result in a lie in the next morning.

As the camera continues to zoom out the next thing that comes into view during the clip is the characters bed spread. It is a clear picture of a naked man and naked woman's body next to each other. Tony's head is directly in the middle of these two bodies which triggers the enigma code of his sexuality. Him being in between the two genders, whilst looking deep in thought and little intention to sleep makes the audience question if he has been awake all night, questioning his sexuality. This once again has connection with the church bells we are able to hear. This is the sign of disapproval towards his mixed opinion on his sexuality. Due to this he is immediately being reminded of how complicated it can sometimes be to be accepted in society after releasing and coming out with new thoughts on ones sexuality.

Relating back to his duvet, another enigma code is influenced at this point as to what his parents would have to say about the explicit bed spread. The options could be that he is a comfortable, confident teenage lad and feels he can be open with his parents or simply the fact that his parents do not care. Something else we are able to learn from the image on his duvet is a snippet from his personality, this would be maybe that he really is just a typical teenage boy. We are next able to pick up on the fact that the character has very little intention of sleeping due to the abrupt wake up, the bed which has not been slept in, and the light which is shining on his face. The curtains are not drawn, the light as a consequence of this casts a shadow of the characters face, this is sat either side of him which once again relates to his questionable sexuality. On the other hand this could illustrate his face being hidden due to his thoughts on being bi sexual or even homosexual. Either option this could be representing two possible frame of minds and represent confusion towards his sexuality. 

The last part of the camera slowly zooming out allows us to get a glimpse of Tony's bedroom. The organisation of the teenagers room is something that is easily noticed. This is because it stands out due to the fact it is the opposite of a typical teenagers bedroom. Everything is perfectly positioned, clean and very neutral which influences the symbolic code that he may be a character that enjoys control and needs to be in power. Relating back to the neutral colours of his bedroom, these contrast the two naked characters on his duvet which leads them to stand out much more. Once again drawing the audience's attention to his approach on his sexuality. From what we can already see, he appears to be fairly wealthy but then questions are raised as to why he has supermarket storage item standing in place as a bedside table. Taking this into consideration, raises the enigma code once again. We then consider the fact he would have to get the trolley into his house and into his bedroom. This makes us wonder if his parents care about him very little. Also if it reflects the type of teenager that may make a habit of stealing.

Next we are able to hear the diegetic sound of his alarm. This once again raises thoughts as to why he has an alarm set on a Sunday and why he was previously awake before his alarm. The alarm in this scene is an action code as it leads him to abruptly get out of bed and move into his morning routine. Lastly the camera throughout the clip moves very slowly and calmly, which is actually the opposite to a teenagers hyper and hectic weekend. Contrasting this though is the connection between the camera and the day of the week which is Sunday; due to this day being laid back and 'the day of rest'. Overall the clip from first glance would seem that it does not hint towards sexuality what so ever, but taking the above points into consideration we are able to see they have been added to influence questions as to where his thoughts may be regarding his own sexuality.

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  1. Another really good post Abbie. You include the narrative codes which really helps to structure your response. Your inclusion of sound also shows a development in your skills.

    Well done.