Friday, 3 December 2010

Film4 Distribution

  • In 2002 Tessa Ross was introduced to the company and become the controller of Film4 and Channel 4 Productions.
  • The company needed to boost annual investment after almost going bankrupt and they managed to do this through third party partnerships.
  • After this the company will no longer distribute its own films. They are now partnered with Studio Canal and Warp Productions.

  • Film4 make and distribute around 6-8 films per year.
  • They set up a low-budget studio with the film council and distributers Optimum and Warp X which were their digital production house.
  • As the company work across TV and film drama this allows for economies of scale and cross-fertilisation so therefore this ablest hem to think carefully about where to position each of their films.
  • Ross see's Film4 as a part of a wider creative community e.g Working Title, The BBC and BBC Films
  • Warp X and a Film4/UK film council joint project with the Sheffield bases indie 'Warp'- this means that they can definitely finance three low budget films each year

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