Thursday, 16 September 2010

Preliminary Task- Pre Production

We chose to work in a group of four during our task. We had to shoot a short film which had to include, someone walking down a corridor, walking through a door and short peice of dialogue with someone else.

We first of all we had to create a story board. As a group we planned and drew out a story board of our film. When doing this we had to put into consideration which camera angles we were going to be using and did our best to make that clear when creating each shot. It also needed to include continuity, and character postions.

Skills that i have picked up from pre production, is that when creating a story board next time it must be must more detailed and accurate. Also being able to draw accurately isn't a key part of creating a good story board as i have realised they need to be simple and easy to understand.

These were our groups finished storyboards. The details on these have not been made clear enough and minor and major details have been missed out. I realise that when i come to draw a story board for my next piece of work i must make sure that the information is as clear to someone else as it is to me. I now know this from swapping our groups story boards with another and slightly struggling to follow it when doing the practical.

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