Sunday, 19 September 2010

Preliminary Task- Production

The production part of our task was to shoot our short film following another groups storyboard. When we began to film, our group did slightly struggle as none of us were confident with using a camera to shoot a small clip like that one we were set. Whilst filming we took into a lot of consideration of where to place the camera and at what level we should be filming at. Problems that we came across were getting the accuracy correct when zooming and moving from one shot to another.

Continuity was particuarly hard as myself and the rest of the group did not realise small factors that effected this. For example walking into one room from another the lighting would change, and also one mistake that we made was having the blinds up, then filming the next clip with the blind down which did create a problem.

The production part of the task i thought was very enjoyable. Skills that i feel i have picked up during this are, that i am going to be able to zoom much more accurately next time i use the camera and also watching out for dead space around characters and objects will be considered. When filming next time i will refer back to the mistakes made in this task, and consider how to change them to create a good final piece.

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