Sunday, 19 September 2010

Preliminary Task- Post Production

After the Production stage of our task we had one more stage until it was complete. This was the editing of the raw footage we had filmed. I was extremely new to this as i had never used the program that we edited the film on. Although i found that after watching my other group members that were much more familiar with the program i quickly picked up how to cut and edit the footage. We all had an equal share in editing, so this meant that it was done fairly quickly. Whislt editing as a group this made us notice many downfalls that we had when filming. Such as continuity, dead space, and zooming in to much so that the filming looked of a very bad quality. One thing that we found hard in the editing stage was adding music to our clip. The reason for this is that we had to cut it, and then stop it when the dialogue was introduced, and then once again let it play towards the end.

All in all i think that we worked very well as a group for a first time task. I especially think this because we were all very new to each part of the task. I have personally picked up brief editing and filming skills. The roles that i took in the group was a fair amount of filming, a shared amount of editing, helping to choose music, and also creating part of our storyboard. When doing our next task i will be taking all of the errors and mistakes into considersation. I have learnt that filming is definitely not as easy as it looks and even in very simple short clips, slip ups are incredibly easy to see and editing has to be done correctly to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

This is our overall finished product.

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