Wednesday, 29 September 2010


My definition of Re-Presentation is using different media to present a copy of something which was original to try and make it seem as real to the orginal version as possible.

Re-Presentation- The way the media present 'something' as though it were real, it is not real merely a copy of something.

Signs- Something which communicates a piece of information.

Signifiers- Multiple 'ideas' or 'feelings' behind a sign. All signs belong to cultures.

Gate Keepers- The people in charge of what we get to see.

Ideology- A belief system.

Before watching a clip from the film Rushmore we were told to consider Mise en scene:
- Camera Angle
- Props
- Setting
- Lighting
- Acting

We then watched a short clip without sound from the film Rushmore and answered the following:

1. Where is the film set?
A private, christian, all boys school in America.

2. Describe the main characters personality?
A serious character, clever, daydreamer, quirky, smug and maybe lonely.

3. What is he excellent at?
Maths or maths equations.

4. How do others view him?
As a genius or a hero.

5. How was he dressed?
Smart, in a blazer, smarter than everyone else around him.

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